Research Interests

The following Australian Research Council (ARC) 3-year Project applications were each successful and are current:

1. Discovery Project: Efficiency, Justice and Voice: A Study of Effective Ways to Prevent and Settle Workplace Disputes

Prof Greg Bamber, Prof Julian Teicher and Dr Brian Cooper, all Monash University, jointly with Prof Bernadine Van Gramberg

Keywords: Dispute resolution procedures, workplace justice and voice, workplace conflict, employment relations.

2. Linkage Project: Human Resource Management (HRM) Outsourcing and Shared Services: Analysing Changing Approaches to HRM

Prof Greg Bamber and Prof Fang Lee Cooke, both Monash University, jointly with Prof Ed Snape

Keywords: Human resources management, industrial relations, outsourcing, shared services.

Partner Organisation: An Australian Government.

3. Linkage Project: Work Process Change in Hospital Services

Prof Greg Bamber and Prof Amrik Sohal, both Monash University, jointly with Prof Pauline Stanton, Richard Gough, Prof Sandra Leggat, Dr Timothy K Bartram, Prof Danny Liew

Keywords: Process reengineering, quality of work, healthcare systems performance, work environment, human resources management, industrial relations.

Partner Organisations: Health Services in Australia and Canada.

Please ask if you would like any more information. Thanks. GregBamber@Gmail.Com